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Demo '01
Original Release - 2001
  1. dl Indwelling, 2001 · MP3 // source (1)

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This was a 2 track demo, available as a free download from the band wesbite. To quote the band:

"This is our demo we recorded to give you an idea of what Indwelling is. These songs were recorded after three months of being a band. Please download these songs and burn as many copies as you can and give them to your friends. Using the wonders of modern science as our medium we wanted to make this demo free to all. Enjoy."

And My Eye Shall Weep
Original Release - 2003
Full Length
  1. cd Facedown Records, FR033, 2003 · SS (1)
  2. cd Facedown Records, FR033, 2003 · (1)