Holy Danger
USA // Heavy Metal

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Band Info · Darbey Budd:Drums, Percussion
Dee Harrington:Songwriter,Rhythm,Lead Guitars,B-G Vocals
Avery G. Kramer:Bass, Background Vocals
Gary Lenaire:Songwriter
Guy Ritter:Producer,Engineer,Songwriter,Rhythm Guitars,Vocals

Early Christian metal band that featured guitarist Dee Harrington who later joined the group,Saint,And Vocalist Guy Ritter, who later joined Tourniquet.Scary Music with a Scary Message"Having said all that,This album is a great peak at What would later become Tourniquet.Although not nearly as good and the Production is Majoraly lacking.

Holy Danger
One Way
Original Release - 1986
Full Length
  1. udl Dragon Slayer Records, JCIL-777, 1986 · MP3 // source source source source (1)