sports quotes
compiled by crucifyd / March 05, 1968
  1. "I haven't actually thought about it. I felt bad initially, then I remembered the signing bonus and I don't feel so bad."
    - Matt Hasselbeck
    referring to the last play of the 2003 season in Green Bay

  2. "Hey, those guys with hair think they're so cool..."
    - Matt Hasselbeck

  3. "Use it if you got it."
    - Matt Hasselbeck
    when asked if he could get Grant Wistrom to "reign in the hair"?

  4. "To be a winner in life you must do the things that losers don't like to do."
    - Barry Sanders

  5. "I don't know if you can listen to quiet. If you can, listen to this quiet."
    - John Madden
    Madden's comment after Josh Brown kicked the comeback game winning field goal @ Denver 3 december 06

  6. "It's not the will to win that matters-everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters."
    –- Paul "Bear" Bryant

  7. "I'm all for it."
    –- John McKay following a Tampa Bay Buccaneers loss in their early seasons, when asked what he thought of his team's "execution."

  8. "You guys don't know the difference between a football and a bunch of bananas."
    –- John McKay
    John McKay after receiving harsh criticism from the media about his coaching skills in the NFL

    "You guys don't know the difference between a football and a Mercedes Benz."
    –- John McKay

    McKay's reply at the next interview, where members of the media left bananas for McKay

  9. "Why not? It's not heavy, and he doesn't belong to a union."
    –- John McKay
    McKay's response following a game in 1967 in which O. J. Simpson received over 30 hand offs, he was asked "Why are you giving the ball to Simpson so often?"

  10. "I had a rather distinct advantage. I slept with his mother."
    –- John McKay
    On recruiting his son, J.K., to play football at USC

  11. "Well, we didn't block, but we made up for it by not tackling."
    –- John McKay
    After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' first unofficial game, he responded to a question

  12. "No I was beat 51-0 in the college ranks. It's the same thing."
    –- John McKay
    Following a Tampa Bay Buccaneer loss, McKay was asked, "What's it like in the professional ranks, coach? Anything special?"

  13. "Kickers are like horse manure. They're all over the place."
    –- John McKay

  14. "At times like this you stop and think about just how good we have it, what kind of system we live in, and the freedoms we are allowed. A lot of my family has gone and fought in wars and I really haven't done a damn thing." -
    –- Pat Tillman the day after the attacks of 911

  15. ""
    –- John McKay