quote of the day
compiled by crucifyd / March 05, 1968
  1. "It's amazing what two doors and two vees can do for a car..."
    - Ginger Herr
    referring to the difference between her parent's old 4-door, straight six '69 nova, and the late sixties nova muscle car her husband was looking at...

  2. "I wouldn't take a million dollars for any of my kids, but i wouldn't give a penny for another one."
    - Nellie Jewett

  3. "Dear Lord...help my head because it has boogers...pray for my tummy, legs, my privates..."
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr, 3

  4. "Bagel?"
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr
    response to "His donkey was stopped by an angel". correct answer Balaam.

  5. "No I won't, I'm always gonna be like this!"
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr
    comment after her great grandmother explained that when she grows up she will understand that God makes the weather, not the weather man...

  6. "Paka's just an old man that doesn't like to play cards."
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr
    after Paka says he doesn't want to play cards.

  7. "I just can't stop thinking about bothering him..."
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr
    comment after her daddy told her she needs to leave her brother alone when he is doing his school work.

  8. "We're goin' to heaven tonight?"
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr
    after her Daddy had facetiously said there were 27 minutes left till "the end of the world..."

  9. "thank you for the sun...how it's a big ball of something..."
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr

  10. "um...excuse me dad but...don't drink and drive"
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr
    talking to her father as he takes a drink of his Coke while driving

  11. "some hairdo..."
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr
    upon seeing her great grandmother who had just came downstairs after getting out of the shower

  12. "GET...HERE...NOW...OR...ELSE...I'M...GOING...TO...CALL... 9...1...1!!! IF...YOU...DON'T...WANT...TO...GO...TO...JAIL,...YOU... BETTER...GET...HERE...RIGHT...NOW!!!"
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr
    while she was in the middle of her punishment for lying...

  13. "aaaaaghh he's so frustrating. i don't want a brother..put him in an orphanage."
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr

  14. "Oh, she's out blowin' smoke."
    - Forrest Herr
    when asked where his grandma, who was outside smoking, was...

  15. "uuuuh, wasting water?"
    - Forrest Herr
    when asked "What is it called if you pour water in a jug and it turns to wine?"

  16. "Because you're so old?"
    - Forrest Herr
    after his great grandmother refers to her son's dangerous hobbies and says people wonder why her hair is white.

  17. "because they are environmental wack jobs and the poachers are killing pandas."
    - Forrest Herr
    answer to question in Wordly Wise 3000 book 10 lesson 5E "Why do world wildlife fund members feel such acrimony toward the poachers?"

  18. "everyone has chest hair all over their bodies"
    - Sage Elizabeth Herr
    25 April 2014

  19. "So i have no money, no certainty of ever going back to the Boeing Co. and the economy is collapsing...WOO HOO sounds the end to me..."
    - crucifyd

  20. "Punch people in the face with love."
    - Mrs bowers

  21. "How narrow of that is us?"
    - SKH - 28-Jun-2015

  22. "this food is so good it makes me want to christian cuss"
    - SKH - 2015 TECY Retreat

  23. "When the gold in your wallet turns to lead in your ass."
    - Unknown, 00-January-0000
    Some old guy at Walmart talking about the golden years and getting old...

  24. "you can't trust a guy that doesn't have caffeine in his system"
    - Chris Schultz, 11-june-2018

  25. "Your handwriting is amazing. Mine looks like a serial killer with a stroke."
    –- Irene Jones, 20-Sepetmber-2018
    in reference to Ginger saying her own handwriting "is terrible"

  26. "If necessity is the mother of invention, heresy is the mother of precision."
    - Chris Martin, 07-February-2020

  27. "If it's his will, it's his bill."
    - Jonathon Sarr's Uncle, 16-February-2020

  28. "If you find, in your home, that joy is decreasing even as obedience is increasing, stop what you're doing and reevaluate"
    - Jim Martin in Sermon, 15-March-2020