misheard-Stated quotes
compiled by crucifyd / March 05, 1968
  1. stated by boy:
    "we should all get her and then get triple cheeseburgers"

    misheard by dad:
    "we should all get hurt and get triple cheeseburgers"

  2. stated by lizard:
    "were gonna go up as a mexican standoff someday"

    misheard by dad:
    "were gonna go up as mexican santas on sunday"

  3. stated by TGH, quoting mrs bowers:
    "punch people in the face with love"

    misheard by GAH and SGH:
    "punch people in the facebook log"

  4. "moxyoron"
    - oxymoron misstated by GAH

  5. stated by MaryKay Durden:
    "whats gonna happen to our bodies"

    misheard by AB:
    "banana syrup bodies"

  6. stated by Steph:
    "you're late to the game"

    misheard by TGH:
    "your legs are farting"